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Commercial Collections

Jen Law Firm, APC has over a decade of experience in handling the collection needs of businesses and individuals. From bounced checks to delinquent account receivables and promissory notes, we will provide the legal solutions you need.
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Wholesaler, Distributors, & Manufacturers

The Jen Law Firm understands the unique issues, problems, and situations faced by our manufacturer and supply-chain clients. When customers delay, refuse, or ignore your attempts to recover payment on your outstanding accounts, your business suffers. Each unpaid invoice can significantly impact cash flow, growth, and hinder other pending transactions that you can be making.
We have assisted many of our clients in collecting their overdue accounts receivables and commercial debt—both informally and aggressively through the legal process. We represent manufacturers and wholesalers in all industries, such as textiles, luggage, restaurant fixtures, food products, and commercial décor.

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Logistics &

Transportation and logistics are the backbones of commerce. When a customer delays or fails to pay, the logistics provider is not only uncompensated but may also have to pay subcontracts and related third-party vendors out of their own pocket.
The Jen Law Firm represents numerous logistics and transportation companies in the collection of outstanding accounts owed to them.

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Professional Service Providers

Whether you operate a law firm or are a technology consultant, your time and knowledge is your product, and the last thing you need to do is spend your valuable time chasing after clients for payment.

The Jen Law Firm has extensive experience representing professional service providers, such as law firms, certified public accountants, consultants, engineering firms, business investors, construction companies, and contractors, in the recovery of the outstanding invoices and accounts. Spend more time focusing on growing your business and supporting your clients. Leave the collections to us.



In addition to pre-judgment collections, Jen Law Firm, APC can also assist businesses and individuals in enforcing previously entered judgments arising from civil lawsuits. We have experience with wage garnishments, bank account levies, and other means of enforcing the judgments against debtors.
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California Judgments

You had your day in court and succeeded in your lawsuit against the judgment debtor, but the judgment itself is just a piece of paper until you are paid. Unfortunately, most judgment debtors will not voluntarily make payment to satisfy the outstanding judgment.

The Jen Law Firm has significant experience in the area of judgment enforcement in the state of California. Whether it's to levy the judgment debtors’ bank account, seize property/equipment, or send a keeper to the judgment debtor’s business, we will zealously represent you until you receive what is owed to you.

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Out-Of-State Judgments

You have an out-of-state judgment in your favor, but the judgment debtor is located in California (or moved here to escape your judgment). When enforcing a judgment, a judgment creditor typically seeks to enforce the judgment where the judgment debtor’s potential assets may be located.

The Jen Law Firm has significant experience enforcing sister-state judgments in the state of California and has assisted judgment creditors with judgments entered in Michigan, Florida, and numerous other states.



Jen Law Firm, APC also represents entrepreneurs and businesses in a variety of civil matters, specifically in their capacity as creditors. There may be times where an unscrupulous debtor brings a meritless claim against you, and we will protect your interests through zealous representation and efficient legal service.
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FDCPA Litigation & Defense

There has been a rise in litigation against creditors and their agents for purported violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in California.

Whether you are an assignee of a debt, a debt collector, and occasionally even a creditor, there may be times when you find yourself on the wrong end of such claims. Not only are they time consuming, but these claims must be diligently defended against. That is where the Jen Law Firm comes in.

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Debt Buyer Litigation

Upon the recent adaptation of the California Fair Debt Buying Practices Act, the prosecution and enforcement of claims by debt buyers and assignees in California have been subjected to numerous and stringent requirements, making them a lot more difficult. 

The Jen Law Firm has worked with assignees of debts to navigate such requirements and procedures and to effectively enforce their rights. If you find yourself in such a situation, their team is here for you.